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The World of Work Has Changed

Increase your resilience in an
ever-changing work environment.

Working Cafe

Professional leadership and career coaching that doesn't

shy awayfrom the hard questions.

Restaurant Chef

It's a tough work environment. 

2023 -24 might be described best as the year of the RIF. The three R's of Reduction in force, Reorganization, and Restructuring have left even the most seasoned workers with questions. 

And the options seem endless:

  • In-person work

  • Remote Work

  • Hybrid Work

  • Gig economy

  • Bridge Jobs

  • Contract

  • Self-Employed & More

How do you know what to do next?

Turn, "I don't know what to do," into "I know the next step."

Identify the Obstacle

Simplify the Solution

Create the Steps

Take Action

Coaching topics include vocation, 'bridge jobs', AI, ideal work environment, work/life balance and integration.

Why you need a coach now more than ever before.

There are more options now more than ever. But it seems harder than ever to land a job, keep it, and move forward in your chosen profession.

That is, if you stay in your current profession. 

Since the pandemic, I've coached hundreds of people through career changes, both blue-collar and white-collar. 

Working with a coach gives you the space to explore ideas, talk through pros/cons, and consider things you can't talk about with colleagues or your current employer. 

Work is changing, and much of that change is long overdue. But with change comes challenge.
Let's work through that change together.

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AI is here to stay. Are you ready to integrate it into your professional life?

Business Team

What is your next step?

Career change, continued education, relocation, re-education, workforce re-entry?

Partnering with Leslie Snyder, Leadership & Career Coach can offer invaluable insights, support, and accountability to help you clarify your goals, overcome obstacles, and achieve career success with confidence.

I can help you.

My name is Leslie Snyder

I am a Professional Certified Coach with over 20 years in leadership roles in for-profit and non-profit sectors. With experience coaching Fortune 500 leaders as well as small business owners, I've seen just how much the world of work has changed. Let me guide you through your next chapter, whether you're changing careers, getting back into the workforce, or climbing the ladder. Let's connect today.

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Career/Professional Development Coaching is for you if you want: 

  • Goal Clarity

  • Skill Enhancement

  • Confidence Boost

  • Career Transition Support

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Increased Communication Skills

  • Better Negotiations

Get Started Today

Carrie A

I came into coaching with a lot of "I'm not sures..." around my personal and professional ideas and goals and now I'm at a point where I can say "I know where and how to start and go from there.

Need another reason to call?
How about a guarantee?

I believe so strongly in this program, that if after consistently following the program you are not moving forward in your goals, I will give you a full refund.*

*Consistently following the program includes attending 80% of your coaching sessions, 80% completion of the workbook including the Review & Revise sections, and reaching out for additional support as needed.

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