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1:1 Coaching


And it's likely you've experienced some significant changes. ​

As you begin to navigate this next chapter, you might need to work through some questions.

  1. Who do you want to be that's different from who you were before?

  2. What needs to change in you to make this difference possible.

  3. What thought patterns are holding you back from moving forward?

Let me coach you through these (and other) questions and find the next best version of YOU. 

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Why Work with a professional coach?


What to Expect

Possible coaching topics

Coaching Process

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1:1 Coaching generally follows this pattern:
30-60-minute 'Discovery Session'
Invitation to begin coaching.

Complete the application.
Mutual agreement of coaching window.
Identification of coaching goals and process.
Weekly or Bi-weekly video/in-person sessions.
Weekly homework and action steps​​.

Personal Health

Habit Formation

Personal Development
Business Coaching

Executive Coaching
Leadership Development

Interpersonal Relationships



You are the center of the coaching relationship. During the consultation, I want to hear what's on your mind, what made you decide to pursue coaching, what types of goals you're working toward and how I can best help you get there? 

If we decide that we're a good fit, we'll schedule regular sessions. Together we will create a coaching alliance, develop an agenda for our time together, and begin to move step by step to create the future you want.

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Distance yourself, so you can work on becoming your best self.


This nugget was shared with me from one of my own coaches who helped me realize that in order to become my own 'best self' I had to step away from some of the things in my own life that were distractions in order to move toward something greater. 

I offer the same invitation to you.

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I highly recommend Leslie as a coach. She has been my coach for the past several months and has gone above and beyond to support my self-development.

Leslie possesses a unique combination of superior subject matter expertise and deep coaching skills. These two entities, when combined, create powerful moments of transformation, self-realization, and behavioral change.

Leslie changed my life in countless ways and will undoubtedly continue to change lives through her powerful coaching.

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