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Tired of feeling like your message isn't getting through?

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You're not alone. In a world of fast paced texts, tweets, notifications,

and 3-second reels, communication that connects can feel impossible.

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Real communication CAN come back.

It might seem impossible to have real communication that connects with others in any meaningful way. But it's not impossible. You CAN improve all of your relationships with a few intentional practices that guarantee a clearer outcome.

What you will learn and practice:

  • How to become a better listener.

  • How to ask an honest question.

  • Reading body language.

  • How to become more comfortable with silence. 

  • The difference between passive, assertive and aggressive communication.

Learn how to listen better and watch your personal AND professional relationships soar.

I know the secret.
Lean in, I'll tell you.

As a coach, I know the inside scoop on improving your communication skills and it's as simple as two fundamental practices. 

Getting and Staying Curious. 

But while these might be simple, they are NOT easy, especially when your communication includes another person...which it always does.

Let me help you learn the skills you need to get and stay curious and change the way you connect with family, friends, peers, employees, and even those you don't really get along with. 

Casual Meeting

Active Listening is the secret ingredient to success in communication. 


What does this have to do with me?

Well, you communicate...everyday.

But not everyone communicates well

ALL the time.

If you want to improve your life in ALL areas, it's time to become a better at communicating.

Join an Online 'Communicate to Connect' Group and come away with communication skills to better ALL of your relationships.

My Story

I owe my ability to listen and communicate well to one of my favorite undergrad Psychology professors, Dr. William 'Bill' Farmen at Anderson University. Interpersonal Relations was a required course in my Psychology major and while it scared me to dive into something that I knew was going to challenge me and put me in some very vulnerable situations, I leaned into the process, got seriously uncomfortable, and learned so much my communication skills soared. It is the one class I have most benefitted from in all of my education. In fact, I loved the class so much I took it three times


Yep, I paid for the same college course (thanks, Mom) three times. Once as a student and twice as a TA.

Over the years I have leaned into those skills repeatedly, and in coaching have taught others to do the same.

Skills like:

  • Active listening

  • Reframing

  • Honest Questions

  • Assertive versus Aggressive/Passive Aggressive Communication

  • Negotiation

  • How to speak clearly and concisely

  • Expression of needs

  • Advocating for self and others

Those skills have been sharpened through additional training to become a professional coach, and I literally use them every day in every conversation. I'm not perfect and there are many times I digress, but I know how to come back, swallow my pride, and communicate in a way that moves things forward. I'd love to help you learn the same.

Family Portrait at the Park

A Communicate to Connect Coaching Group might be for you if:

  • You want better relationships with the people around you.

  • You want to learn better ways to express your own ideas and needs.

  • You want to learn better communication skills.

  • You've been hearing, 'You never listen to me.'

  • You do better with accountability.

  • You find support with others who are trying out the same idea.

  • You want a safe place to practice new communication skills.

Group Coaching Options

*All sessions are recorded*

Bi-Monthly Sessions

NEXT GROUP BEGINS , September 2024

  1. Complete the Coaching Application

  2. Choose Your Level of Interest

  3. Sign up

Communicate 2 Connect

Next 'C2C' Group Begins September, 2024

  • Get a Little Better

    Perfect for those who want to get a little bit better.
    Valid for one month
    • Weekly Group Calls (recorded)
    • Low level of accountability. Learning is mostly on your own.
    • Open, confidential
    • Upgrade available
    • Access to material
  • Best Value

    Become a GREAT Communicator

    For those who want to become a GREAT communicator.
    Valid for one month
    • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
    • Practice within the Group
    • Weekly 45-minute, 1:1 Coaching Calls (a $700 value)
    • Access to community forum
    • Access to all materials
  • Get a LOT Better

    Perfect for those who are ready to become great communicators.
    Valid for one month
    • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
    • Practice within the group
    • Two 45 minute, 1:1 coaching calls ($350 value)
    • Access to member forum
    • Access to all material
    • Upgrade available

Need another reason to join?
How about a guarantee?

Routine Revolution (4)_edited.png

I believe so strongly in this program, that if after consistently following the program you are not moving forward in your goals, I will give you a full refund.*

*Consistently following the program includes attending 80% of your coaching sessions, 80% completion of the workbook including the Review & Revise sections, and reaching out for additional support as needed.

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