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Giving Back

Charity Water Social Preview

How Working With Me Helps Change the World

In Support of 
Charity Water.

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Having access to clean water shouldn't be a privilege.

When you coach with me in any form, a portion of your payment goes to support Charity Water and helps bring clean water to places and people that lack access.


I couldn't be more thrilled for us to support the work as a 'Spring' member, which guarantees that "the goal of ending the world's water crisis" will continue.


We take clean water for granted. In fact, 'increase your water intake' is often one of the first goals for better health. That is, if it's available.


​By working with me, you're helping eradicate disease from waterborne illnesses around the world. So, thank you. Together we really will change the world, one well at a time.


​To learn more about Charity water, click here

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