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Ok, it's not ONLY about the food.

Most people know that carrots are more nutritious than french fries and that it's a good idea to move your body daily.

But it's not just about food, and it 's not just about exercise. Our overall health includes things like:

  • the messages we tell ourselves

  • the messages we believe from others

  • our deeper relationship with food

  • history, culture and beliefs

and so much more.

Coaching with me means that you're ready to tackle the story behind the story, the scripts behind the habits.

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No, really...put it down.

COVID -19 has done a number on our health and nutrition. Being alone, isolated, stressed, out of work and glued to the couch left us reaching for comfort. Sometimes in the form of peanut butter, sometimes in the form of alcohol, chips, cookies and take-out food.

Now our clothes don't fit quite right, the scale mocks us, and it's easier to just give in.

There is another way (hint: it can include peanut butter).


Whether you want to gain energy,
lose a few pounds (or a lot), learn how to meal plan, transition to a plant-based diet, or eat right for your sport, working with a Certified Health Coach guarantees you are receiving professional, client-centered guidance.



"About 3 months ago my doctor said he needed to put me on statins for my cholesterol because it was way too high. I asked him if I could have 3 months to try to get it down naturally and he said, “Yes, but you have a way to go, so even if you bring it down some you will likely still need the medical help to get it the rest of the way.”

I reached out to Leslie for help and we got started immediately.

I got my results back yesterday and I was down 54 points!! He was shocked!!

He said I didn’t need the statins and to keep up the great work!!!" 

*Coach's Note: One year later and Phil is maintaining his weight loss, feeling great and still OFF medications.

Healthy Senior Man

It doesn't matter if you're a C-Suite Executive,

Community Leader or Stay-at-home parent.

If you don't have your health, your job, influence, and success are limited.




for healthy weight loss

Slow, sustainable, whole food focused. Together we'll design a plan that helps you achieve your goals without diets, fads, or restriction. After working with hundreds of weight loss clients, I'm positive we will learn the best way for you to find optimum health.


for life

Now you're in my sweet spot as a coach. Here we'll identify the obstacles that stand in the way of you developing the habits that will level up your life. Whether you want to create NEW habits or ditch some that no longer work, we'll create the consistency you need to find success.


for females

Athletes eat. In fact, a solid nutrition plan is often what takes an athlete from good to great. But who has the time to plan meals, shop for groceries, and create healthy meals? Working with a professional health coach takes the guesswork out of what to eat when to eat and how much you need. And you cannot follow what your guy friends are eating. Female athletes need different foods to fuel their bodies for peak performance.


online course or in-person

A successful meal plan starts in your kitchen.  Join me on a journey to reclaim your kitchen, prep for success, and create a kitchen that is ready to support your health and fitness goals.


seminars & webinars

I am available to speak to your organization, school, team, church or other groups in the areas of health, fitness, and nutrition. Tailored for your group, I'll design an interactive, energizing learning experience that offers practical takeaways that will make a difference in the life of each person.


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