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If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.

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Let's get real

It feels great to be strong.

All women need to lift heavy stuff.

Daily life requires you to be strong. You lift kids and grandkids, carry heavy loads, and exert power to move through the day. In order to do those things, you need strong muscles. 

Somewhere women have believed the myth that to be strong means to lose feminity and that if you lift weights you'll be big and heavy. 

It's actually the opposite. 

Lifting heavy weights increases your muscle mass, which actually takes up LESS space than body fat and often makes you

smaller but stronger.

More muscle mass also means stronger bones, a steady or improving metabolism, better check-ups and, often, better fitting clothes.

But before you lift heavy, it's critical that you learn proper form and movement. I'm ready to help you get comfortable in the gym, learn technique and help you find an outer strength that matches your inner fire.


Strong, fit, healthy

When is the last time you felt great? Like jump out of bed, throw on your shoes and meet the day head-on?
That's what it feels like to be STRONG, FIT & HEALTHY. Whether you're training for a sport, gaining mobility, or lifting weights so you can play with your kids pain-free, you owe it to yourself to train with a coach who takes your goals seriously.

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Small Groups

Healthy Sandwich

Nutrition Coaching

The focus is YOU

1:1 training leads to focused, forward progress. Learn to lift properly, gain strength & confidence, or start training for your next race or event. One-on-one coaching guarantees that you have my undivided attention and that each workout is designed specifically for YOU to reach YOUR goals.

Better Together

There's nothing like training together as a team. Groups of 2-3 benefit from mutual support, encouragement and accountability. And, the research is in your favor. When you workout with a friend, you're more likely to reach your goals because you're more likely to stick to the program.

Improve your relationship with food

Most people know carrots are more nutritious than french fries and it's a good idea to move your body every day.

But it's not just about the food or exercise.

Coaching with me means that you're ready to tackle the story behind the story, the scripts behind the habits. 


Specific Populations

Pre & Post-Natal

As a mom of three, an athlete and Certified Women's Coaching Specialist, I am ready to help you stay fit before, during and after pregnancy. Let's answer your questions, design your program and keep you moving through a strong and healthy pregnancy.

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As a Cerrtified Medical Exercise Specialist, I'm ready to help you build a bridge to better health. Working as part of your healthcare team, I will create a program that supports your current care plan. Together we will move away from chronic disease by adopting healthy habits, creating better nutrition and embracing regular exercise without fad diets or extreme activity.




*Parental Permission Required to coach children under 18

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Life has changed. My commitment to your health has not.

Returning to the gym in a COVID-19 world is going to be different. I am committed to doing my part to keep you safe while still offering an exceptional training experience. Click the link below to learn the details.


Meet Your Coach

From player, to trainer, to coach.

Health and fitness are like air and water to me. I started my journey in this field as an 8-year old athlete and have carried that identity throughout my life. I've coupled my passion for health and fitness with professional coaching, which guarantees that you will have a whole-self coaching experience when you coach with me.  

Together we will create your goals, identify your limiting beliefs, and design a solid program to help you increase strength and endurance. In the process, we'll find a new level of confidence you didn't even know you had.

Weight Lifting

Any age. Any stage.
It's never too late to start working toward better health.


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