Simple Recipes for the Quarantine and Beyond

The 'stay home, stay healthy' order has put my meal creativity to the test. Not only do I want to continue eating in a way that supports my health and fitness goals, I want it to taste good, fit into my ever-changing budget AND be available either at the store or preferably, already in my pantry.

Here's a snack that takes me back to my childhood days when canned fruit was really about all I ate. It's so simple, anyone can put this together. And let's be honest, quarantine meals can't all be explorations into the unknown.

'Not-so Fancy Fruit Salad'

1 Can Pears (lite juice, all drained)

1 Can Sliced Peaches (lite juice, all drained)

Handful (washed, of course) Berries or 1 Banana, sliced

Cinnamon (optional)

Get ready...this one's difficult.

Pour all the fruit into one bowl. Stir. Sprinkle with some Cinnamon. Serve.

I really like to put a fruit mix in a bowl of granola or with some Greek yogurt. Or...just eat it out of the bowl.

Happy eating!

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